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I spent yesterday evening watching the entire first series of Dinnerladies on DVD, which proved to be even funnier than I remember it being. When the first series went out on TV I was working as a catering assistant at Sunwin in Stockport so a lot of it rang true. Retail being what it is these days, Sunwin closed post credit crunch and has since been replaced by a Primani.

This morning  I walked round to the Co-Op for some milk and, upon entering the shop, was overwhelmed by the displays of cut price chocolate and discounted perfume sets. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) I’ve reached the point where I can’t even look at chocolate without feeling vaguely queasy. The PA system was playing Blur’s ‘Coffee and TV’, which felt most apt for the post-Christmas, pre-New Year period. The sense of weary malaise that runs through it fits, much like the BBC’s genius decision a couple of years ago to show Hamlet on Boxing Day.


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