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A week after I saw Pride, I went back to the Cornerhouse, this time with David, to see Still The Enemy Within, a new documentary about the Miners Strike. It’s unusual because it doesn’t feature any politicians or ‘experts’, just the miners and activists who were involved. The idea being to have at the truth from the point of view of those directly involved, without the political and media spin.

It’s a very powerful film, and it doesn’t end in 1985 with the end of the strike, it covers the 1992 pit closures and goes through to today. Because 2014 marked the 30 year anniversary of the start of the strike, the 30 year rule meant that some of the government papers relating to the miners, and the strike, have been declassified, so the film has been able to make use of them also.

The film has been made by a small company, operating outside of the conventional film industry, and as such word of mouth, social media and crowd funding have been at the heart of getting this film seen and promoted. This is still the case and, if you’re interested in getting involved, I would recommend visiting their website.

2014 has been a year for anniversaries, mainly the start of World War I. The Miners Strike, being a much more divisive¬†event, has not received that much attention, save for this film and Pride. As a colleague of mine put it, “There are members of my family who still don’t talk to each other because of the Miners Strike.”

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