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This is a video made by Owen Winter of the Make Votes Matter campaign. This video is especially important as we come up to the 1 year anniversary of what was a gob smackingly disproportionate allocation of seats in the 2015 General Election, and as electoral reform is about to see thousands of unwitting voters slide off the electoral roll due to a combination of deviousness, inattentiveness and apathy.

Like me, Owen is a Green Party supporter.



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Recently I have been reading Oliver Postgate’s excellent memoir Seeing Things while stuck in traffic on the bus. Often though, the bus is too crowded for reading and I get to thinking instead.

I’d like to say that I worry about the situation in Syria, and about the biggest mass migration of people since World War II, but I’m ashamed to say that I spent most of Wednesday’s morning commute considering the logistics of holding a ready to wear fashion show on a double decker bus. I’d almost nailed it by the time we reached Oxford Road as well, but it is admittedly a much easier one to figure out than the war in Syria, or mass migration. To which there are no easy answers, obviously.



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