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Well, it’s just under a month now before the madness ends…

Or, given the inclinations of the British media and Westminster politicians to prevaricate and pontificate, at length, way beyond the point when anyone else is listening…

Just under a month before we enter a whole new torturous stage of the EU Referendum debate.

Because it won’t end once the result comes in, oh no…

In the meantime, for those readers struggling to understand the issues around the EU Referendum, finding the Remain and Leave campaigns to be increasingly unhelpful and hysterical in tone. (Anti-Fascist group Hope Not Hate described the tone of the campaign thus far as being akin to middle aged white men shouting at each other while the young stand by, feeling baffled. This state of affairs has inspired their recent #TurnUp voter registration campaign to encourage younger voters to vote on June 23rd) The People’s History Museum’s new installation ‘The Euro Tunnel: In Or Out?’ and a series of related events, ‘Should We Stay Or Should We Go?’ should help.

Designed to encourage visitors to think about the issues around the EU Referendum, the installation intends to offer a balanced guide to the referendum while giving visitors space to  think and make an informed choice about how they will vote on June 23rd.

Of the events taking place alongside the installation, one is an Leave event, one is a Remain event, there’s also a public debate ahead of the vote, and another public debate on the 24th on the theme of ‘What now?’

The Euro Tunnel: In Or Out? installation is open now, and will remain open until 28th June, also reflecting the feeling that June 23rd won’t be the end of the discussion.

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Now, the cake maiden is not known for her interest in football, but…

Even I recognised the significance of the man stood outside the betting shop in Levenshulme this morning, holding a copy of the paper, sports page out, bearing the legend ‘Champions!’, and grinning and gesticulating wildly.

‘Ah’, I thought to myself from my seat on the bus ‘Leicester City have done it then’.

On the way home, I spotted a handmade cardboard sign by a skip, also in Levenshulme, decrying the corrupt nature of the DHSS.

A day of polarities then.

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