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In the last couple of days I’ve been engrossed in reading two very different Mancunian blogs, the new soap blog (which mainly focuses on Coronation Street) All in a lather and the more established Now Here.

I’m not mad keen on the gubbins about bitcoins, but Now Here does feature some searing, often heartbreaking, commentary on the life of the unemployed/underemployed millennial graduate. It’s very much a personal blog, not a Manchester blog, the writer living in Manchester but essentially wanting to escape it. But the quality of the writing is excellent, including this thoughtful piece on Skins.

All in a lather is, on the surface, a lighthearted take on goings on in soap land, especially Weatherfield, but it’s less bubble and more Dorothy Parker, and as such can be read by anyone who yearns for an intelligent, and very funny read. Even if you don’t watch the soaps, it’s still a hilarious read…

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