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As anyone who has walked down Market Street on a weekend will tell you, it’s not so much a stroll as a frantic scurry as you try to dodge getting embroiled with the chuggers and┬áthe religious evengelists (of all stripes, let’s be fair…) and try to avoid colliding with the more straight forward street performers.

As I was scurrying back towards Piccadilly this afternoon I came across the surreal sight of a young woman belting out some kind of Celine Dion esque ballad and, less than two feet away, a man selling dancing puppets. Two Bart and Lisa┬áSimpson dancing puppets were merrily dancing away to Hot Butter’s ‘Popcorn’, threatening to derail the diva’s performance, but she continued valiantly…

Also spotted: Candyfloss for sale, and lots of it, which felt distinctly odd in February.

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I was on the bus on the way into work on Thursday morning, gently drifting along in my own thoughts to the soothing melodies and beats of a distant ipod or phone playing some bhangra flavoured hip hop soul. Suddenly I became aware of the woman behind me singing along, putting her melodic and soulful vocal stylings ever so slightly behind the chorus of the songs on the distant ipod/phone. Bass in the background then, vocals firmly up front.

Made me smile.


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